Tuesday, 26 July 2011


It was an awful day. I could not use my usb dongle. I was without Internet. I didn't kill myself because I was too shocked to do anything.

As a normal summer day, I wake up, had my breakfast and decided to surf the web for a moment. But I plugged my usb modem and nothing happened. I could connect to the Internet, but there was no traffic.

I disconnected the modem and plugged it again. I repeated all what I've done before but nothing different happened. I started to feel nervous.

I decided to change the OS I was using. I used a different computer but the result was the same. I started to feel angry, I couldn't breathe... But, in that moment, a light came on my head. I had at least other three ways to connect to Internet. For example, using the phone company of a social network. I had a month plan to access the Internet in my mobile phone, which I used in a recent travel to post in my blogs. So I configured the connection in ubuntu and in a few seconds I was surfing the web again.

Anyway I called the company to know what it was happening and the told me that they have changed my Internet plan, of course without telling me, and that I won't have Internet access until august 15th. I was surprised and upset. I told him to unsuscribe the Internet service, but they made me an offer to continue with them. I accepted, but I was still angry. At least, I won't have to pay for a thing that I can't use. I wrote an email to complain about the change of conditions and see two comedy films to relax me.

This morning I wake up and tried to use my Internet modem. And it worked again!! I checked my emails and saw one from my Internet company. They told me that nothing has changed, I could continue using my Internet connection as usual. And I felt confused.

Anyway, I have Internet again. It's ok, no more questions about that.

Curiously, yesterday was an important date. Eleven year ago, I bought my first mobile phone.

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