Thursday, 7 July 2011


When I was a little boy I used to have a walk with my uncle every sunday morning. Even o saturday afternoon too.

On sunday we went to mass to the Cathedral. We visited the "Girola" and prayed to the souls in purgatory. I always wondered why my uncle was so worried about them.

When we went out from mass, we used to go to Bibramla Square, where we met our other uncle. If I close my eyes I just can see him, wearing his hat, his sunglasses and smoking a cigarette. Then, we went down to the place you can see in teh photograph.

It is called "Paseo del Salón" and is one of the most beatiful places in Granada. A lot of people used to walk through this trees. Sometimes, we could hear the band playing some music at the bandstand, on the right of the picture.

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