Sunday, 30 September 2012

Double lifes

Recently, I signed up a new Twitter account. Now I have my "official" one and another for not being recognised, that's why a lot of pupils follow me and, in spite that I try to feel as free as I could, there are a few things I can't say. So that's why I opened it.

I always though that having two Twitter accounts, or Facebook accounts, was quite silly. It could sound a little bit strange coming from a person who had seven mobile phones numbers, but I find quite annoying to remember several nicks and passwords. I don't find safe writing them on a paper, so I have to remember them.

But definitely I decided to open it. A friend of mine convinced me of the advantages of being anonymous on the web. Now, I will have to find other uses, apart from the gossiping one!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I think I'd never said that, but I miss my Language School. I spent three years of mi life, twice a week, going to be teached on English and now that everything has finished, I must say I feel, in some way, empty.

I think it'll be a good idea to continue learning. But in a more relaxed way.