Monday, 4 July 2011

Time for a walk

This morning I decided to have a walk near my house. And I walked into the Alhambra gardens. It's a very beatiful place to visit.

It wasn't very hot, so I had a nice walk through this gardens. I saw very important places, like the highest court in Andalucía, the TSJA.

Just in front of it you can see a very interesting fountain. It's called "El Pilar del Toro". That's because you can see a bull on it.

I always enjoy visiting this place, but in this time I've only been in a part of them, because I didn't had time to visit a house called "El Carmen de los Mártires". A "carmen" is the tipical house of Granada. It's a house with a garden.

But, near of it, there is a church, called Santa María de la Alhambra. You can see it on the picture. An american tourist was very interested on it, and he was taking a lot of pictures of it this morning.

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