Friday, 5 August 2011

Guitar matters

By this time last year I was happy, I was going to start my guitar lessons in september. I was a bit afraid and excited. Afraid, because I didn't know if I would be able to play the guitar and if I would have enough patience. I gave up a lot of things in the past because I didn't have enough patience. And I was excited because I love music and always had the idea of playing an instrument, but I never had neither time nor teacher.

Now, I know a little bit about how to play classical guitar. And hope I will soon buy an electric guitar. It was the first idea I had, play the electric guitar. But I wanted to know before if I could play the classical guitar. Now I have a problem. I like the sound of my old spanish guitar. And I will have to continue playing her and also play my new electrical guitar. I will be living between two lovers...

This summer I'm reviewing all the songs and exercises that my teacher told me. Even I've searched for some more easy pieces of Carulli. I think we could done something more, but I hadn't time enough last year. I hope next year it would be different. But there is a thing I'll have to do. I must play every day. This summer I'm playing every day and I see how I'm improving. That's the key.

Let's wait and see. I'll tell you next year.

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