Monday, 6 June 2011


Today I started to study for my next week exam. I hope I will pass it, but it is a final exam and I don't want to fail. Anyway I will study during the summer, or at least that is the idea.

Today, unit one. A bit of grammar, a bit of vocabulary, a bit of everything. In the Internet I found a page to do some exercises, just to practice a little bit more. I don't have a grammar exam, but I want to practice it for the composition exam. You have to write about some topics you have seen during the year. That is what I don't like. The topics. Usually, very silly and with no interest for me. But you have just to do it.

I think it is a good idea to write a little bit every day. And, in summer, I will try to publish all my compositions, the compositions I made during the year. Or, at least, the most interesting.

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